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Survey Results - Frederick City Election 2013


In order to educate the public and have a better informed electorate, Frederick Campaign for Liberty recently conducted a survey of the candidates running for both Mayor and Alderman in the Frederick City Elections. The survey was conducted via a web form. The purpose of the survey was to determine where candidates stand on a number of issues that face the City of Frederick and to get an idea of how likely each candidate is to vote for the cause of Liberty should these issues come before them while serving in office.

The survey was sent after the filing deadline on July 5th to all 22 candidates who had filed to run for office and sent again with two reminders. Of the 22 Candidates, only 9 responded to our survey, the other 13 chose to ignore or refuse the survey and did not respond. The survey consisted of 13 multiple choice questions and 2 open questions.

Here are the multiple choice answers that we received from the candidates who responded to our survey:

Key: - Supports Liberty; - Opposes Liberty; - Favors an alternate option










1) Advocates decreasing city taxes?

2) Believes the city budget is too high?

3) Advocates for a reduced Frederick City Police force?

4) Supports the outsourcing of some city functions in order to reduce spending?

5) Supports once per week residential trash pick up?

6) Opposes the city’s use of eminent domain?

7) Opposes expanding the city limits?

8) Opposes the use of City resources to entice a city hotel/conference center?

9) Opposes using City resources to cover infrastructure costs incurred by any hotel group?

10) Supports selling the city owned Golf Course?

11) Supports selling the Weinberg Center?

12) Opposes the use of Red Light/Speed Cameras in the city of Frederick?

13) Favors nullification of the new scooter laws?










Liberty Score










The following candidates chose to ignore or refuse our survey requests:

Mayoral Candidates:

  • Shelley Aloi (refused)

  • Galen Clagett

  • Jennifer Dougherty

  • Jeff Holtzinger

  • Randy McClement

  • Karen Young

Alderman Candidates:

  • Josh Bokee    

  • John Daniels  (refused)

  • Kevin Greene  

  • Donna Kuzemchak

  • Jack Lynch

  • Katie Nash (refused)    

  • Kelly Russell  


Respondents answers were across the board with Jill King responding with the most Liberty friendly answers and Michael O’Connor responding with the fewest. Overall, the responses came in with about 48% in favor of limited government, protecting property rights, and the free market.

Of the 9 candidates who responded, the majority feel that the Frederick city budget is too high and advocate for decreasing city taxes. The majority would also like to see some city functions outsourced to the voluntary sector in order to reduce city spending and all but one favor either reducing city trash pickup to once per week or looking at some alternative solution to the current twice per week pickup.

The issue of building a hotel and conference center in downtown Frederick has been a topic of much debate leading up to the election and we are pleased to see that 6 of our 8 respondents oppose using city resources to entice a developer to build one or to cover any infrastructure costs that would be required.

Unfortunately, most of the respondents also favor the city’s use of eminent domain to take property from citizens for the city’s use and only 2 opposed the expansion of the Frederick city limits. Only a few of the respondents agree that the city has no business running a golf course or theater and would support the sale of either.

Despite the fact that the majority feel that the city budget is too high, none of the respondents favor a reduction in the size of the city police force and when asked about the new overly restrictive scooter laws, only two candidates support the idea of nullification of those laws.

One of the respondents, Michael O’Connor, claimed to have had problems using our web form to submit his answers and chose to submit his responses via email instead. Since he responded to the questions with statements rather than using the multiple choice options provided, we must assume that the technical difficulty he had was in selecting an answer to the questions. The answers shown below for Mr. O’Connor are inferred from his statements, since he did not choose from the multiple choice answers like the rest of the candidates did.

Karen Young also responded via email stating the survey was too difficult to answer.


If you would like an explanation as to why these candidates chose not to respond to our survey and would like to know where they stand on these issues, please reach out them individually and ask. The contact information for each of the candidates can be found at the following link at the City of Frederick elections site: http://www.cityoffrederick.com/Index.aspx?NID=669

For those candidates who did respond to our survey, please contact them as well and let them know how you feel about their responses.

If you get a response from any of the candidates and would like to share it with us, please forward them to us at info@frederickliberty.org.

If you are a candidate who did not participate and would like to now, feel free to complete the survey, and we would be happy to add your response here.

The raw survey results are available below in the attached file.

NOTE: Campaign for Liberty is a 501(c)4 organization and does not endorse or financially support candidates for public office.

Clint Brown,
Aug 13, 2013, 12:08 PM